Thursday, 27 September 2012

Finally Hindi Newspapers Too Are Getting A Decent Share Of Attention

Hindi Newspaper

India is a country where there are people residing of different regions following different cultures. So, one is sure to find different languages too. India has a total tally of 22 official languages but has a total of 1600 languages which consist of the major languages as well as the local languages. This has its own set of advantages as well as disadvantages. But the best part is that all the regions of India have the language of Hindi which leaps over all the linguistic barriers that one may face. So the media always prefers to go ahead with this language in case they want to do something which will be on a national scale. So one can understand why the circulation of Hindi newspaper is healthy all over India. Earlier this was an industry which was on the verge of dying but many of the English publication houses gave it a new lease of life as they came out with many of their publications and journals in Hindi and it has now become quite a success.

Earlier the Hindi newspaper had a very hard time competing against the English newspapers as their circulation was killing the former’s business. But now with various publications, journals, magazines and newspapers out in Hindi, there is no completion among the Hindi and English press but both have diversified themselves into different segments of people and both have different targets to achieve. Newspapers in Hindi now include the cuisine, film gossips and other entertainment sections on their pages along with the daily news.

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