Tuesday, 4 December 2012

A Marathi Newspaper That Would Give A Marathi Manus A Taste Of Maharashtra

Two languages that play a significant role especially in India are English and Hindi. Regional languages are therefore losing their significance and flavour. Yet people from various states in India still prefer to read their states news in the local language only. Not because they cannot read in English or Hindi but because they get the correct feel and flavour by reading in their local language. Earlier when internet was not there people had to subscribe a newspaper by physically approaching a vendor and it became an almost impossible task when a reader who lived in another state or country wished to subscribe a newspaper that belonged to his state. The online market is full of such Marathi Newspaper that can be subscribed at fairly cheap rates. The technology that these sites use is so advance that even if you wish for news that appeared years ago, you can easily find it there. 

For instance the "Marathi Manus" whether he stays in Maharashtra or not can still get a taste of his local daily’s by ordering a Marathi Newspaper online. It is a very well known fact that maharshtrian people are found in every corner of the world. What mostly happens is even if they get a newspaper, they have to compromise on the language since a Marathi Newspaper may or may not be found in that particular country. They can instead surf online and when they will do that they would find that there are countless vendors on the net who sell such newspapers and they would not even have to wait for long. These newspapers can be accessed online every single day.

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